Isn't it time to put an end to the costly cycle of shingles? Call COOL ROOFS today for your metal roof.

40 Year Warranty
40 Year Warranty

Many people believe that a 40-year shingle will hold up for 40 years. Unfortunately, most do not. Shingles continue to be vulnerable to many elements.


Energy Efficient and Durable
Energy Efficient And Durable

Whether you select DECRA or one of the Vertical panel metal roofing styles, know that all are energy efficient, durable and low maintenance.


Leading Installer of Metal Roofing Systems
Leading Installer Of Metal Roofing Systems

Our experience offers you a higher level of customer service and gives you the peace of mind that your metal roof will be installed in a high quality and professional manner.


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Welcome to Cool Roofs

The Place for Quality Metal Roofs

If your concept of a metal roof is the old tin barn roofs of years past, then let us show you the updated metal roofs of today. Metal roofing has come a long way over the years to become stylish, low maintenance, durable and much more. Take a look at a variety of metal roofs we have installed and see for yourself the way a metal roof can enhance the beauty of the home upon which it is installed. Your home is your most valuable asset and it is an investment worth protecting. A metal roof is an effective way to not only protect the value of your home, but it can increase the overall value as well. The high performance, energy efficiency, and affordable metal roofing gives you the durability to make it the last roof that you should ever need to install on your home. With Cool Roofs, it's 'One and Done'.

Cool Roofs provides their customers with information and guidance to assist them in selecting the product that works best for their home; whether it is the vertical panel style or metal panels formed to look like shingles or shake. Many people believe that a 40‐year shingle will hold up for 40 years. Unfortunately, most do not. Shingles continue to be vulnerable to insects, mold, rot, and the elements. It's time to quit spending extra money on repeatedly installing shingles and turn to Cool Roofs instead for your new metal roofing system; a roof with lasting power!

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Your Cool Roof Options

Cool Roofs provides a variety of metal roofing choices. We will assist you in selecting the one that best meets your needs and desired aesthetics. No matter what the roofing style that you select, Cool Roofs will provide you with quality metal roofing materials and a professional installation.

Cool Roofs is an authorized dealer for DECRA Metal Roofing systems, which has choices that include :

  • Shingle XD
  • Shake
  • Shake XD
  • Tile
  • Villa Tile

DECRA roofing systems are stone‐coated steel and have a 50 year warranty. Colors vary depending upon the style that you select for your roof.

Cool Roofs also offers two vertical panel styles of metal roofing, both with a 40‐year warranty.

Exposed Fastener

Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing

This vertical panel selection features 29 gauge panels that have primary ribs that are 9 inches apart from center to center and are three-quarter inch tall. This style comes in various color options that carry the Energy Star rating.

Standing Seam

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

This vertical panel selection is a 26 gauge hidden fastener system that has a “Snap-Lock” design. The panels feature a tall 1.5 inch high rib and have 16-inch panel widths. This style comes in various color options that carry the Energy Star rating. This choice is ideal for the addition of Unisolar’s flexible, photovoltaic, laminate solar system.