1. You could save up to 40% on your air conditioning costs with a metal roof from Cool Roofs.
  2. You could be eligible to receive a tax credit on Energy Star approved products and all of our vertical panel roofing colors are Energy Star approved.
  3. A metal roof costs less per square foot than carpeting or hardwood floors.
  4. A metal roof does NOT cost twice as much as shingles and is actually less expensive over the age of the roof.
  5. Our metal roofing can actually be quieter than a shingled roof.
  6. That tear off of shingles may not be necessary, therefore reducing the cost of installation.
  7. Metal roofing is environmentally friendly as it reduces energy, reduces landfill impact and can be recycled.
  8. Our metal roofing has a long life and very low maintenance.
  9. Our metal roofing has a 120 mph wind warranty.
  10. Our metal roofing is rated Class 4 for impact rating resistance UL2218.
  11. Metal roofing doesn’t curl, split, mold or rot like conventional shingles.
  12. We offer a wide variety of metal roofing colors, so you are sure to find just the right one for your home or business.
  13. With a Cool Roof metal roof it’s ‘One and Done’!