Your Source for a Safer and More Attractive Roofing System!

Cool Roofs set an objective beginning in 2017 to inform and educate contractors and manufacturers about the need for a safer, more efficient, and more attractive option that the Trim 1st System can offer.

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It's a System

With Cool Roof's Trim 1st System, all trim is installed before any panels are installed. Coupled with our trim system, we provide a Patent Pending Ridge Anchor system that is a permanent, hidden fixture on your roof. Our system is an installation and safety system all in one!


Safer Installation

Rather than climbing back up on a steep, slick metal roof to install all of your trims, we provide a trim system that can be installed before any metal panels. So as soon as the last panel is installed, you are off the roof!

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Higher Quality Installation

Our trims are installed first, so no more denting or scratching your newly installed metal roofing trying to install your trims. Also, with trims installed first, there are no exposed screws on any trim. No more bulky corners, or wavy ridge and hip cap.

Our system provides you, the installer, with a quality installation for whichever metal roofing you select. Our expertise in this field allows us to offer you and your customers a far superior installation than most of our competitors. Check out our Contact page today to learn how to contact us.

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Cool Roofs set an objective beginning in 2008 to inform and educate homeowners about the many benefits that Metal Roofing systems can offer. Our first step in meeting this objective was to begin taking the product to area home shows and give people a chance to see the product for themselves up close. Our thermal display allowed them to see and feel first‐hand the “cooling” aspect of metal roofing when compared to asphalt shingles. By 2011, it was obvious that homeowners were embracing the option of metal roofing systems. Cool Roofs felt it was time to broaden the scope in our educational and informational objective; and we began running our ‘One and Done’ Cool Roofs commercials. The positive response to our products and service, along with the excitement over the many benefits metal roofing systems can offer, continues to propel the demand for a ‘Cool Roof’. The number of Metal Roof systems installed by Cool Roofs in 2011 more than doubled from 2008; and we came close to installing more roofs that one year, than in the previous two years combined. In 2013, H&D Quality Builders/Cool Roofs moved to its new location at 407 N. Main St. in Roanoke. This move provided us with a larger showroom for our many informative product displays which highlight the various metal roofing system options, features and benefits for our customers to experience firsthand. The demand for Metal Roofing continues to grow as the public becomes more aware of the many benefits, including discounts from some insurance companies on homeowner insurance premiums. Each year Cool Roofs experiences an increase in sales and installations. So, in 2015 Cool Roofs began to seek out qualified installers in other areas to be Cool Roofs Dealers. These dealers would sell and install metal roofing systems based on the high standards and strict criteria set forth by Cool Roofs. In 2019, we realized the need for all contractors to better understand what it takes to operate a successful metal roofing business. So we bought a building across from our main office and converted it into our official Cool Roofs Training Center, as pictured above! This facility is open to any and all interested in learning about not only on-site installation, but better understanding the business side of Metal Roofing. Please contact us for more information about this service.